Venezuela | Christian Vocations


Location: Venezuela

World Horizons has been working in Venezuela for over twenty years. In 2006 the work was consolidated with the establishment of ‘Mundo Horizontes Venezuela’ (World Horizons Venezuela). Working in partnership with local churches, several mission workers have been trained and sent to work with teams in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and also to the indigenous people groups living within Venezuela.

We are very excited to see a new generation of workers emerging from South America. The training programmes carried out by Mundo Horizontes Venezuela involves a commitment to 14 months of discipleship and mission training. The programme runs in a variety of locations in Venezuela, including studies at the team’s training base. Trainees also make visits to some of the indigenous people groups living in the country and to neighbouring Guyana. Following the training, workers serve on a two year placement with a World Horizons team, living amongst some of the least reached peoples within the 10:40 window. The hope is that many will then commit to serving in mission on a full-time basis.

Our team in Venezuela is also committed to church planting amongst the Warao people. They are a semi-nomadic people whose population is the second largest of the indigenous people groups living in the nation. Our team plans to train Warao believers, so they can lead local churches in the future, as well as develop an emerging mission movement of their own in the region.