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Find the right organisation

We have over 50 different mission agencies, Christian organisations, international schools and more offering longer-term mission opportunities. And they can potentially send you right across the globe! At first glance the choice can seem a bit bewildering, so there are various ways to narrow your search:

  • Search by region: Do you have a sense that God is calling you to a particular region of the world?  Find out which organisations work there.
  • Search by country: Are you looking to work in a particular country and want to know who could send you there? 
  • Search by activity: Do you have a particular skill or ministry and wonder which organisation would be able to use it? 

Remember that no organisation is perfect. The important thing is to think through and find an agency which will work alongside your church to provide the support and encouragement you need, and that can offer appropriate support to you and your family (if you have one). Further help and advice on how to choose the ‘right’ organisation can be found here.