Reaching the unreached Mwani | Christian Vocations

Reaching the unreached Mwani

AIM International | Mozambique
"Work among the Mwani has produced little fruit but recently we've had the joy of seeing people turn to Jesus."

One afternoon team members were listening to Mrs F’s exciting news about her new job. Grace realised this could be the last opportunity to share the gospel, so on the spur of the moment, shared the good news.

Mrs F was excited and with teary eyes, asked Grace what she had to do to follow the Messiah. Listening and obeying immediately, she vowed to remove all the amulets she possessed, as well as medicines from witchdoctors and they prayed to expel any evil spirits. Since then, Grace and Kristen have been discipling her. When asked, she was enthusiastic about baptism. So the following week they walked down to the beach at high tide. Just before going into the water, Mrs F asked: “Does this mean I will no longer be a Muslim?” It was a hard question to answer, so Grace asked back, “What does being a Muslim mean to you?” Mrs F answered “I don’t know”. Like many others here, “To be Mwani is to be Muslim”. So Grace asked a different question; “Do you want to follow the Messiah?” She was sure of that, what it meant to follow, and that her allegiance is solely to Jesus now.

Pray for the Mwani