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Reaching the unreached Alagwa

AIM International | Tanzania
"Here, where community is of ultimate importance in decision making, our team is praying for whole families to come to faith."

Meet one Alagwan family:

An elderly couple have heard all the Bible stories from our team. The lady was very excited about following Jesus, although she is finding it hard to let go of Islam. Her husband had an irritating skin condition for a long time. He said that if God healed him, he would follow Jesus. A few weeks ago, God healed him…

One of their sons was alcoholic and in prison for a serious crime. Whilst there, he gave his life to Jesus. He is now back in this area. He loves Jesus and has a powerful testimony about what God has done in his life. Almost all his family will not help him until he returns to Islam. But he is standing firm. One of our team travels to his village every week, for discipleship and witnessing to his community.

Two of their grandsons (our neighbours) secretly want to follow Jesus. One has shared the Swahili Bible we gave him with his wife, who also has been reading it.

Six unfinished stories from one extended family. May they be part of the bedrock of God’s church amongst the Alagwa.