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Writing to God

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Visitors to our Nisa'a women's website were invited to write their own messages to God, to tell him whatever was on their hearts.

Our Nisa'a women's website is an online magazine and community for women across the Middle East, from all ages and religious backgrounds. Through it, our talented team of local writers want to convey the truth to women that they are accepted, loved and valued by God, and that they have worth and potential. It's become a safe haven for women who can freely read and discuss their innermost feelings and desires.

During the month of Ramadan last year, visitors to the website were invited to write their own messages to God to tell him whatever was on their hearts, regardless of their religious background. Hundreds of women responded to the invitation. In their letters, women were crying out to God about pain, doubt, fear and anxiety, but also showed great gratitude for God's provision in their lives. 

The staff were astounded by these women's enlightened perspective of God and his goodness that came through in their letters. They believe it shows the impact our website is having - Muslim women are encountering Christians, many of them for the first time, and are starting to realise that they too can have a personal relationship with their father God.

The letter printed here was written by a young Muslim woman. She writes to God as a close friend, with humour, honesty and love. God is moving among the people of the Middle East, in ways we may never fully realise or understand.

Dear God,

How are you? There are people who would be surprised I'm speaking to you like this. I thought for a long time about what to write to you, and it's hard to find just one thing... Life is too big, God! What should I write?

I want to start with a thank you letter. Thank you for travelling, for love, for hope. For the gift I get from receiving an encouraging word. Thank you for the people you sent to stand by me when I was weak or broken, for the people whose pat on the back felt like it was you patting me on the back, and the whisper that said I must stand up and carry on.

I also need to write you an apology letter. We all need to apologize to you about the same thing - that we forget you, then raise our heads to heaven and ask, "Why are you so far away?" when really, it is us who walk far away from you. You are with us in every moment of our lives but we forget you in the crowdedness of work, life, friends and family.

You know what, God? I need to ask for forgiveness. Sometimes I didn't realise the value of people or things until I lost them. I didn't mean to neglect people when I was supposed to stand by them. I didn't mean to smile when really I was angry or crying inside. Please forgive me for living my life without you.

Thank you that you are my friend.