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A summer of seeing the impact of SAT-7

SAT-7 | Cyprus, Egypt, Turkey
"Whatever God asks me to do to support SAT-7’s vision and work, I will do it!"

SAT-7 ambassador Ericka Guerra had a summer of seeing the impact of SAT-7 and the deep need for its programming in the Middle East.

Ericka (31) grew up in northern Brazil but had been working in marketing in London before she sensed God calling her to something very different. Feeling unfulfilled in her role, she took on work as a nanny, but this was only a stepping stone. While watching the news and reading her Bible, she developed a burden for the lost and broken people of the Middle East and felt God calling her to serve them.

It was around this time that she learnt about SAT-7, and she attended training as a volunteer ambassador last year. Twelve months later, she had the opportunity to see SAT-7’s work firsthand and the effect was profound.


The process began when Ericka attended SAT-7’s annual NETWORK conference in Turkey and then joined a follow-on vision trip in Istanbul. After hearing so much from programme-makers at NETWORK, she found herself hearing from Turkish and Iranian believers in the country whose lives were deeply affected by SAT-7.

After this, Ericka volunteered at SAT-7’s international office and studio in Cyprus. “It was an amazing experience – seeing the whole operation and the passion of people from so many countries,” she said. Part of this involved seeing how viewers’ conversations with the audience relations team lead to the creative process of researching and developing programmes to address those needs – “whether it’s how to find a solution for drug addicts in Iran, or how to catch the hearts of women in Egypt”, she said.


Answering the latter question became more important to her when Ericka travelled on to spend nearly two months with an Assemblies of God ministry in Egypt. She had Arabic classes every day, helped at an English conversation class, and “hung out with Egyptians”.

Talking to people in Cairo and then staying in a town in the Nile Delta where there were no churches and almost no opportunities for locals to meet a Christian showed her the vital importance of SAT-7.

“It’s so hard for many ever to encounter the Gospel person to person,” she said, “but through television, SAT-7 can do this so easily!”

Until now, Ericka admits that nerves about public speaking had held her back from giving many talks for SAT-7. But seeing the ministry first-hand and the desperate need in the region has changed all that:

"Whatever God asks me to do to support SAT-7’s vision and work, I will do it," she said.