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The Colours of Grace

Grace International School | Bangladesh
What do students say about Grace?

My time at GRACE has been so fulfilling in many aspects including academics and sports. The learning environment is positive; students and teachers caring and interactive! Samuel, Year 9

In our life at GRACE, teachers have played a significant role in our lives. As well as being experts in their chosen areas of study, they extend their help and knowledge far beyond what was expected. Our teachers were there for us on a personal level, helping with issues of life and learning. For some of us, athletics was an integral part of our lives, and our teachers were there in that capacity to support us. Alysha, Year 10

   I would say that GRACE is the best international school in Dhaka! It offers its students all the necessary subjects for a well -rounded education. The teachers who deliver the contemporary and meaningful curriculum are knowledgeable and caring individuals who give freely of their time. I am new to GRACE and to the IGCSE system, but my transition has been smooth and for the most part, successful. This makes me feel like I am part of a family.  Enric, Year 10

GRACE International School features a faith- based education. Being a Christian school its international draw is impressive, boasting a diverse range of students from various countries and faiths-all housed well under one roof. As well as academics, students learn the importance of respecting those of other faiths-we all dwell peacefully and well in such a positive environment. Sara, Year 9

The whole GRACE experience has been an unforgettable one for me. My family extends to those who are my classmates! The environment can best be described as one of inclusion. Teachers inspire and motivate us to do better. Abraham, year 10

Life is like a journey and even though this simile is well used it is befitting when speaking about GRACE. The school teaches us about all aspects of the journey-the smooth roads and bumpy roads alike.  We are taught that along the journey we will need support, and we receive that through God’s gift to us-the school, its staff, and students. A, Year 10

GRACE International School provides a well- rounded education for its students. But it’s not always about the books! Many valuable life lessons are also taught through a host of extra-curricular activities that include sports and those of culture. Each of the three campuses of GRACE have a unique, and almost “home-like” feel which makes for a positive learning environment. C, Year 10