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Inspiring Minds, Supporting Mission

Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC) | Nepal
As we live out our core values of love, grace, community, justice and excellence, parents are able to confidently carry out the work God has called them to here in Nepal knowing their children are receiving an excellent, holistic education.

This is how one KISC parent describes their experience: “We have four children between the ages of 8 and 18. Without KISC we would have left our work and ministry in Nepal several years ago. All our children are enjoying the relationships they’ve developed at KISC. This includes friendships with children of many different nationalities from around the world. Our oldest son is about to graduate this year and we are very thankful that not just academic excellence was encouraged, but also character and spiritual development. As parents we feel that our son is well prepared for the next step into the ‘big world’.”

Teachers, parents and students love the sense of unity: “KISC is a great community where we can all meet friends and where other families become part of our wider family.” Parents are thankful for the strategic role KISC plays here in Nepal because it enables them to serve and the children get an internationally accredited education. Studying here is academically rigorous but also broad – students are involved in serving the community within Kathmandu and in rural communities across Nepal. They also have wonderful opportunities to be involved in organised sports, music and drama productions. The annual Activity Week is a highlight for students as they have fun together trekking, partaking in outdoor adventure sports and connecting with people in local communities across Nepal. 

Teachers enjoy the varied opportunities KISC provides to see their students grow and develop, “It’s a privilege to teach in a quality school alongside excellent colleagues, challenging and encouraging our students in the classroom and in the community.”

Our teacher training initiative, ‘Education Quality Improvement Programme’ (EQUIP), partners with both rural and urban Nepali schools by working alongside teachers to effectively implement the National Curriculum of Nepal and develop quality education in their schools. They also engage with the community at large to encourage a mind-set that everyone has an important role to play in improving education in Nepal.