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Small breakthroughs.

There are always challenges in teaching wherever you are but there are moments where I see God working in the classroom and in these children's lives.

Despite the challenges, there are moments where you really see Christ breaking through in these kids’ lives. Moments where the class is silenced and in awe of some of the details of Bible stories, as they start to connect the dots. Bible lessons are often my quietest lessons that the kids really look forward to!

Day to day I don’t always see the impact that I’m having but then God shows some snippets of him at work in them to encourage me. For example, one child who is socially awkward and at times a challenge, produced the most thoughtful card for me at Christmas. He also got up unprompted a week or so later at church to say how thankful he is for who God is. My heart was equally melted when another of my children with some needs, shone with radiance, when he so aptly sang a solo about how we are all orphans of God. This first week back in school, I additionally had a new student join with very little English or even educational background. I wondered how much she was taking in of what I was sharing. Yet then on Friday afternoon I bumped into her after school, she unprompted gave me the biggest hug. I could see she already loved me and that the Christ in me had indeed made a difference and shone through to her, despite any language barrier. Slowly, through building up relationships with even my toughest of students, I am gaining their trust and they are able to see the love of Christ expressed to them where they wouldn’t see it otherwise.