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Aimee's Hope

Type: Support service
Aimee's Hope is a registered charitable company , providing accommodation and support services for young people in Northern Ireland.

Aimee's Hope is not a medical treatment centre but our three strands of care are relational, pastoral and discipleship. We believe in the power of love to heal and restore. Just like Jesus did life with his disciples and joined us from heaven to do life with us. We at Aimee's Hope want to reach the young people we encounter through doing life with them and helping them grow to become the people they were meant to be despite their difficult beginnings.

The name "Aimee", meaning "beloved", refers to the status of each young person as one loved by God. Aimee's Hope exists to reveal God's Fathering heart towards those who have been abused or abandoned. We believe that God will be glorified through the work of Aimee's Hope as He provides for every need (for the organisation, missionaries and young people) as we partner with Him in prayer and obedience.

Our Vision

Overcoming the past, restoring the present and rebuilding the future of abused or abandoned young people, with God’s love and compassion.

Our Mission Statement

Creating a transformational family environment for young people, who have been abused or abandoned, in which they can begin to hope, heal and grow - becoming all that God made them to be.

Our Values:

Changing our perceptions to change young people's negative perceptions.

Valuing individuals

Transforming experiences 

Enabling love

Empowering destinies