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Amano Christian School

Type: Training provider
For the Lord gives wisdom...


1. To provide a high standard of education, enabling students to develop to their full potential academically.

2. To teach from a Biblical worldview in order to impart the wisdom of God as revealed in His Word the Bible, thus helping prepare students to face the challenges of life with faith and assurance.

3. To encourage students to commit their lives to Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and grow in their personal relationship with Him.

4. To help students develop their personal skills and attributes and use their God-given gifts.

5. To inculcate in the students a sense of responsibility for themselves and others and for the environment as God's creation.

6. To give students a strong foundation in God's Word, thus enabling them to set Godly standards for their own attitudes and behaviour and aims for their lives.

The present staff of Amano combines people serving with several evangelical bodies. None of our teaching staff and dormitory parents are funded from the school fees, but serve on a missionary basis, fully supported financially by the home church/sending body.

Amano Christian School is overseen by Sunnybrook Christian Trust, which owns the land on which the school stands and operates the work on the site. The Trustees, together with some invited members, constitute the School Board. Unlike many other local schools neither the School Board nor its Trustees receive any income from the school.