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Beechwood Chapel is a small but growing church family on a social housing estate on the edge of Birkenhead on the Wirral. Our vision is to be a grace-filled community sharing good news on our estate and in the wider area, with the aim to be a growing, church-planting church, especially reaching the urban poor.

The church is a Brethren-background chapel that has been on the estate for over 40 years with a small group of Christians from the local area. In 2012 they were joined by a group of families and individuals from Christ Church Liverpool who moved onto the estate to help revitalise the church. Although there are still many social needs in the area the spiritual need is much greater: There is much nominal catholicism; apathy to the gospel; and even hostility to the God who “never helped me.” Into that situation we have seen the power of the gospel at work in bringing families and individuals to faith over the last few years.

Beyond Beechwood there is a mix of other similar estates with little or no gospel witness, and various middle-class areas with faithful churches who struggle to know how to reach the urban poor. Our prayer, and what we believe another Staff member will help us work towards, is that we would be able to not only reach more people on our estate, but also to work alongside other churches to plant culturally relevant gospel-centred churches on the other estates around us that so desperately need faithful churches proclaiming Jesus.