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Bible Educational Services

Type: Agency
Free Bible lessons for children

We write and publish series of courses aimed at teaching the Bible to children and young people.

BES Ireland was formed in 1971 and registered as a charity in the Republic of Ireland (Charity no 5880 Bible Education Trust). Bible Education Services Trust UK was formed in 2002 (Registered Charity - 1096157) to continue the work of BES Ireland which had been the supporting Trust for Bert and Wendy Gray’s valuable work in Southern Ireland for nearly 50 years, and had also been responsible for the development of Postal Bible School Centres in Ireland, the UK and other parts of the world.

When Bert and Wendy Gray came to the UK, to settle in semi-retirement, it was recognized that a new UK BES Trust was needed to hold the copyright of the lessons, to secure the work for the future, and to initiate and oversee the use of Postal Bible School materials in other parts of the world. This partly coincided with the opening up of unlimited opportunities in Eastern and Central Europe.