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Involved in education, encouragement and practical support of churches who are working in their communities in Europe

'Empowerment through partnership’ encapsulates BREADLINE’s vision and aim both overseas and here in the UK. Our ongoing mission is to help partner churches in Moldova and Siberia to develop ministries, which have a lasting impact on their communities and which demonstrate the love of Christ in both word and action. Education, encouragement and practical support remain our key aims.

In Siberia, we are helping the church to train indigenous missionaries to bring the gospel to the Nenets and other ethnic groupings in remote areas. In Moldova we are encouraging churches to work together, to share their knowledge and ministries with each other for the common good including; agricultural projects, advocacy for the disabled, Christian Lifestyle Education for children at risk, ministry project planning/capacity building, evangelical mission strategy & implementation. We also continue to facilitate links between individuals, churches and schools here in the UK and our church partners overseas.