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Called to Lead

Type: Training provider
Called to Lead is a small organisation, overseen by a group of friends who also happen to be church leaders. Our vision is to see people's lives & our region transformed by the power of the Gospel. Every year we open a limited number of high quality training opportunities for those who feel called to leadership. These opportunities include a BA Hons in Theology (accredited by University of York St John), leadership training and coaching, and ministry placements that are designed around our student's gifting and calling.

Called to Lead started with a conversation, over coffee, some time back in 2014. We were dreaming a bit for what was possible in our local area, and specifically for how we desired to see the gospel mission established and growing. As part of that conversation we realised that we needed to recruit people who felt a genuine calling to leadership, and do all we can to invest in to them. We also resolved to ensure that anyone who joined Called to Lead would receive something of tangible value, and that's when we began to investigate the possibility of degree level training resulting in our partnership with ForMission College. 

One of the things that we love is that we get to work from a place of friendship with leaders from various churches. Out of these relationships, some values have emerged and are continuing to do so. These include:

1. Word founded. 
2. Spirit Led. 
3. Jesus centered. 
4. Mission focussed. 
5. Friendship based.

Called to Lead is accountable to a board of local church leaders that make up for ForExmouth, a missional partnership.