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Canaan Project

Type: Agency
Canaan Project works collaboratively with 11-19 year old girls and young women in Tower Hamlets to see them flourish, have broadened horizons and raised aspirations. We do this by providing experiences and opportunities through innovative approaches to youth work.

The Canaan Project has a history of working with some of the most disadvantaged young people in Tower Hamlets. Motivated by our Christian faith, our desire is to see good youth provision made available and accessible for those on the margins. Our journey has led us to work with hundreds of young people in several different areas over the last 10 years and most recently to the Globe Town area of Bethnal Green where we are excited to be focusing fully on work with young women. Young women are greatly underrepresented in youth work and we seek to redress this inequality through offering provision that overcomes barriers and enables any young woman to benefit from the opportunities and support that good youth work can offer.