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Canterbury Baptist Church

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We are a welcoming family of different ages and nationalities, serving the city and beyond for Jesus Christ.

Canterbury Baptist Church is a welcoming and thriving city-centre community representing the breadth of God’s kingdom with many generations and nations worshipping and serving God together. We have roughly 180 Members with an attendance that is slightly higher, contemporary in worship style, seeking to fulfil six core values with our main aim being to take the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to all with the goal that they become His loyal disciples.

We have three services on a Sunday with many different daytime and evening activities taking place during the week. Many of which are delivered by outside groups using our excellent facilities. The Leadership Team together with volunteers and Staff Team serve to deliver the ministry and mission of this vibrant church.

We are part of the Baptist Union, together with other Baptist Churches in the South Eastern Baptist Association, also serving in partnership with other city-centre churches through Christians Together in Canterbury.

Canterbury, as well as being a world heritage site, is a very attractive city with excellent cultural, shopping, sporting and leisure facilities.  There are several good schools, and a vibrant student scene. Coast and countryside are within easy reach, and London is approximately an hour’s travel on our recently-upgraded train service.