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A registered Christian charity whose motto is "Sharing the Love of Jesus." Its mission statement, as stated in the Trust Deed is: "To promote the Evangelical Christian Faith in bringing the love and compassion of Christ Jesus to mankind through the relief in need of persons who are poor, have a disability, are infirm, or otherwise in need.... "

“Sharing the love of Jesus” is the motto which was adopted when this Christian ministry began twenty eight years ago. It continues to be our motto, and our Christian basis, ethos and standing is unchanged.

Faced with six, then more homeless young men coming along to his church, young men who had literally no one and nothing, the pastor, Peter Parkinson, could have said, “What can we do about it?”  But driven by the example of our Lord Jesus Christ reaching out to those who were utterly marginalised, and by passages such as: Isaiah 58: 6-12   and  Matthew 25: 31-46   … the work of CFL began, with nothing except the promise of help from volunteers and then a house loaned for a while, to house the first four homeless young men.

From the outset, care was offered for as long as it was needed and wanted. Caring For Life meant “for life”, and one of the first young men housed is still supported by CFL.

Relying on the support of the Lord’s people, and utterly surrounded with prayer, the ministry grew as the Lord enabled. CFL’s ministry now encompasses:

  • Two supported homes, in properties owned by the Trust, caring for eight gentlemen and eight ladies, who have high support needs.
  • A Being There housing support team caring for up to 150 vulnerable people, housing the homeless and providing crucial ongoing support.
  • Sixteen different therapeutic daytime activity projects at Crag House Farm, the home of CFL, catering for around 100 people each week. 

The “bread and butter” of the Trust, which now employs 80 staff, and benefits from the help of over 200 regular volunteers, are gifts from individual Christians and churches. There are also now forty CFL Support Groups up and down the UK.

CFL receives no government funding and has no contracts, remaining utterly free to share the love of Jesus. Christian individuals and companies have helped with significantly large projects, including the setting up of social enterprizes at Crag House Farm.

Seeing beauty gradually replacing utter brokenness in the lives of deeply marginalised and hurting people, some of whom have known only abuse from early childhood onwards, is a wonderful thing. Even more wonderful is the joy of seeing almost all the current residents of our two homes come to faith in Christ, hundreds more saved, and our Bible studies, which are optional, full to bursting!

All glory be to God!