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Choices Islington

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A Christian charity providing unplanned pregnancy and post abortion support and related projects.

Choices is an independent charity staffed mostly by trained volunteers. As a faith-based organization, Choices acknowledges a need to respond with compassion, care and respect to those with unplanned pregnancy or post abortion concerns. We provide clients with accurate information and the opportunity to understand their thoughts and feelings in a safe and non-judgemental environment. We therefore seek to empower them to make informed choices in the present or to resolve difficulties arising from their choices in the past. We also practically support clients in handling the outcomes of their choice whether it is to continue or to terminate the pregnancy or to choose adoption.  

A number of related projects have grown in support of this original vision. They include:

Befriending Project

For those who continue their pregnancy but are vulnerable we offer our Befriending Project. This includes free loan of baby clothing and equipment plus support in handling benefits and housing applications, ante-natal appointments and other relevant needs. A Community Mums Group for all our befriending clients serves to enhance self-esteem and facilitate mutual support combatting the isolation and disenfranchising caused by poverty and domestic violence. This group offers parenting support and training as well as arts and craft activities and training in employability skills.

Relationships and Sexual Health Education Project

With our own 'I am' education project we work with young people in targeted groups including pupil referral units and those at risk of sexual exploitation to deliver Relationships and Sexual Health Education. The project uses the creative arts to help participants explore identity and relationships and develop their 'relational literacy'. This project is also offered to female offenders at HMPs Bronzefield and Downview.

Prison Counselling Project

Choices provides counselling support to women at HMPs Bronzefield and Downview for unplanned pregnancy and any type of pregnancy or child loss including enforced child separation.