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Christian Partners in Africa

Type: Agency

Where they work

Eastern Africa

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CPA works in partnership with African churches, development agencies and committed individuals to bring hope, inspire change and empower individuals, families and communities living in poverty in Africa.

Strong relationships are integral to the way we work, and allow us to work closely with our African partners to motivate and enable people and communities to help themselves. Our aim is to…

  • Befriend and work alongside the poorest of the poor in Africa
  • See their basic needs satisfied and dignity and hope restored
  • See them realise their full potential

Along the way, we look to ensure that…

  • We partner with national Christian churches or organisations who share the same vision and values
  • Our development approach is holistic and deals with issues of body, mind, spirit, and community
  • We don’t dictate terms, but work together with our partners in every project towards the same goals
  • Our ‘partner communities’ understand that we value them above the programme itself and we always listen to what they have to say
  • Our ‘partner communities’ take responsibility for implementing and monitoring their own projects. It’s they who ‘own’ the project. Not us
  • Our programmes include all members of society, regardless of religious beliefs
  • Where possible, we work towards projects becoming self-sustaining and communities becoming self-supporting