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Cleerway Community Church

Type: Church

Affiliations and accreditations

Evangelical Christian community seeking to share the love of God in our local area.

We exist, as a Christian community, to see:

  • The love of God shared with the people of St Cleer and the surrounding area
  • People moving towards wholeness and maturity
  • Resources released to share God's love and truth - both locally and throughout the world.

Our mission is:

  • To strenghten and encourage a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • To support and develop a network of life-giving smaller groups and projects
  • To encourage devotion to Christ through a lifestyle of worship, mission, prayer and obedience
  • To be a people of faith and action - expecting great things from God and attempting great things for God
  • To help people experience forgiveness and release

We especially value:

Relationships - building through freindship with God and each other - encouraging a deeper quality of community life

Partnership - we want to work with other like minded community groups and congregations wherever possible

Growth - we don't want to settle or become stereotyped but to keep moving on. Changing our method but not our message

Mission - we want to make a difference in the world - in the home and the workplace

Creativity - co-operating with the Holy Spirit, encouraging diversity and giving the freedon to explore, experiment and take risks

Being inclusive and accepting - celebrating all that is good, providing a place to belong and accepting each other for who we are - giving space to grow and change