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Community Awareness Programme

Type: Agency
A Charity with the main aim of changing lives

Community Awareness Programme was founded in 1997 by Ernest & Elisabeth Hibbert from a desire to help the marginalised and those in poverty in the Wakefield area by facilitating a resource centre from the premises in Market Street.  Based on a strong Christian ethos CAPCARE opens 5 days a week serving 60-80 people a day and meeting their basic needs by providing clothing, food, toiletries and in some instances furniture. We also provide counselling support and signposting to other relevant agencies. Last year over 15,000 meals were served. All goods and food are given away having been donated in the first place by the generosity of the general public.  Clients come from a variety of backgrounds and although some suffer opiate abuse, many are just caught in a poverty trap either temporary or more permanent.  The Charity employs five staff and 40 volunteers and is governed by a board of eight Trustees.  It is supported by over 20 local churches and many schools including the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Trust.

Starting operation in 1997 from two small rooms in the church hall the Charity now has a purpose renovated building which includes dinning, lounge shower and warehouse facilities as well as teachiing rooms and offices.  Weekly surgeries are held in the centre giving clients an in house opportunnity to sort out their problems.  Eacch person / client is important and to many CAPCARE are the only family they have.