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Community Health Global Network

Type: Support service
CHGN resources, supports and connects community health workers, pastors, community leaders, academics and health care professionals

CHGN was founded by Doctors Ted Lankester and Nick Henwood in February 2005 on the values, model and the teachings of Jesus, who served the needs of the poor and marginalized out of compassion and love. We believe in a holistic approach to health, that integrates Biblical values, compassionate care and the concept of Shalom.

It is also all too evident that in many parts of the world, primary health care is not working for the poorest communities. A different model is needed, based on the empowerment of communities, so they themselves can prevent illness and care for their own health in well managed programmes.

We recognise that even the poorest communities have a wealth of skills and experience to address their own health problems. By helping community health programmes to respect and work WITH these communities, rather than simply implement their own agendas, true transformation can be achieved.