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Community Reach

Type: Support service
Community Reach is a faith based charitable incorporated organisation working in the city of Carlisle and parts of north Cumbria, primarily in community regeneration programmes ensuring a community where everyone has a sense of being loved, accepted and needed.

With almost 20 years experience in community regeneration and charity management, our senior team have gained a strong reputation for their commitment and passion to the locality. In addition the majority of the staff has worked together for ten years as members of a close knit team. Over the past 20 years our staff have been recognised for their work by being the recipients of several national, regional and local awards for their work in fighting poverty and in facilitating community regeneration, particularly in the west of Carlisle.

Operating primarily in the west of Carlisle, Community Reach is recognised as a broad based community organisation offering three levels of support;

  • triage: which is aimed at crisis intervention
  • targeted: which focuses upon meeting known needs and desires
  • holistic: offering projects which aim to provide the underpinning and longer term sustainable support to the community

Our over-arching aim is to reach and impact positively upon all aspects of the life of the local community and ensure that all we encounter feel loved, accepted and needed within our integrated model of community development.