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Compass Braille transcribes and produces Braille Bible portions in a large number of languages for distribution to more than 120 destinations worldwide. As well as Braille Bible portions Compass Braille also produce Biblically based health awareness and lifestyle books for use in overseas outreach programmes.

Since 1990 Compass Braille has been transcribing and producing Bible portions and Christian books in Braille in a variety of languages for distribution worldwide. Our Braille press is fully computerised which enables us to produce the Braille Bible portions in small or large quantities either as individual or selected volumes, New and Old Testaments, complete Bibles or the four Gospels - 43 volumes make one complete Bible. We also produce a selection Braille Books that are complementary to the Bible and we add new books and languages as and when requested.

We work in partnership with indigenous groups and Bible Societies who run programmes for people with visual disabilities worldwide and act as our Braille distributors. We also produce for organisations who utilise or produce Christian books as part their overseas ministry. We transcribe, produce and despatch Braille to order, from groups such as the United Bible Societies and Gideons International and we are happy to consider new projects. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to know more: +44(0)1920 413572.