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Southeastern Asia

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Working in peace-building and development.

Cord is an international Humanitarian Relief and Development Agency with an emphasis on Promoting Peace through Partnership. Set up in 1967, Cord's goal is to help rebuild the lives of those damaged and displaced as a result of conflict, and create space in which relationships can be fostered and peace promoted at all levels. We aim to do this in the most peaceful and sustainable way possible. Cord is founded on Christian values and ethos, and these values are still at the heart of our organisation.

Cord is an implementing partner of UNHCR, and UNICEF and also approved recipients of Dfid, USAID, EU ECHO and other large donor's funds. Cord is a founder member of EU-CORD, a pan-European network of Christian relief and development organisations.

Cord is recognised as a specialist in the area of community services. We also have strong links with those who shape policy and practice at UNHCR, relationships with the Refugee centre, and Tufts University.

We are also a member of the Coventry Cathedral Community of the Cross of Nails.