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CRiBS Charitable Trust

Type: Support service
The Trust seeks to demonstrate the Christian faith in action by providing an interface between the local Christian churches and the community at large, mainly through its work in Primary and Secondary Schools in the Bexley area.

REfresh, our RE lessons in schools, have continued to be oversubscribed and hugely popular. 88% of teaching staff rated our lessons ‘outstanding’ and we have increased our reach to teaching over 7,860 pupils in 19 schools in the 2015/16 academic year. This is against a national backdrop where Ofsted recognise that generally RE is overlooked by many schools and that this is to the detriment of the benefits that RE brings. It is great to see our work bucking the trend by bringing in specialist teachers to make lessons memorable, meaningful and fun. We trust that this will be foundational in the lives of children making them positive individuals and members of their community.

The Christmas and Easter Plays have again reached 18,000 children, which is staggering. As reported previously, we extended the plays to secondary schools last year with the introduction of a Christmas play. We are hugely pleased to say that we have further extended the work this year with a secondary Easter play. The play was a court scene where viewers got to vote on whether they believed the witnesses who were arguing for and against the resurrection. All of the plays have again been thought provoking chances for children and young people to grapple with what they think about Christianity.

The work of Living Values continued and supported schools in their need to provide the excellent Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural environment. For this period we were able to continue with the use of our Big Blue Bus as a mobile classroom, which helps set the scene for learning about Friendship, Honesty, Co-operation and Thoughtfulness.

Our behavioural intervention projects of Boys Noise and b:You have both grown this year. The format mentioned last year continues to hold good, although we flexibly work with our partner schools. For example, one school recognised that a whole class was having difficulty focussing and interacting so we provided a mixed sex group. This is the first time that we have done this and we are delighted with the way that the teams worked together. The head teacher’s comments are representative of what we hear from many teachers and parents: ‘CRiBS have worked closely with a very challenging class. The class have been transformed and are now calm, work well as a team and show high levels of empathy and resilience. Thirty lives transformed. Thank you!’

Our Koru gap year programme has continued and we have had four participants who have volunteered in schools, on the bus, in the office and at local churches. We are pleased to confirm another four students have joined us for the Academic year 2016/2017.

Secondary work has continued with its support of Christian Unions. In addition we piloted the Courageous programme in one school. This has proven itself with all participants stating that they had been impacted and an amazing ninety three percent saying that this was ‘quite a bit’ or, ‘a lot’. We would love to see more young people moving away from anti-social behaviour, damaging self-image thoughts and moving to positive attitudes and behaviours that impact individuals, classrooms and families.