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Croftfoot United Free Church

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A Congregation of the United Free Church of Scotland which seeks to witness to the truth of the Gospel and to serve people in the name of Christ with regard alike to their spiritual and material welfare, both at home and overseas.

Croftfoot United Free Church is a smallish congregation of 70 situated in the south side of Glasgow  Led by the Reverend Ann Deacons, we are a congregation and community of people extremely passionate about the people on our doorstep that are in need.  We will do all we can to serve those who are disadvantaged, struggling to cope or struggling to reach their potential for whatever reason.

Routinely, the Congregation meets weekly for services of worship. We hold a weekly Prayer Session and a monthly Prayer Breakfast.  A Bible Study Group meets at regular intervals, and every quarter a joint prayer breakfast is held with other neighbouring Churches. An annual Elders’ Conference takes place at which the Session takes time to reflect on the way forward for the pastoral life of the Congregation. Other activities for members consist of a Choir a Ladies Badminton Club and a Toddlers Group.

The local community is served by the provision of a Food Bank collection service and by the use of our premises by various Dancing Schools, an Alcoholics Anonymous Group, and a Gamblers Anonymous Group.

The Minister is also involved with Scripture Union / chaplaincy work at the local primary school.

Our congregation has a vision for Cafe Ministry, with a particular emphasis on youth and older persons, and are keen to appoint a Youth Worker to deliver a range of community based projects with the young people in our area.