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Church in Upper Rissington: valuing everyone

Upper Rissington is a Cotswold village consisting of approximately 650 residential houses, plus a primary school, village hall and various basic amenities. Having previously been owned by the Ministry of Defence, Upper Rissington became a residential village about 16 years ago. A new development is underway on one side of the village, which will see the number of houses increase by another 200 over the next couple of years as well as the arrival of several other facilities. Historically there has not been a huge amount of community activity within Upper Rissington, which is partly why CUR:ve came into being.

Several of the churches from the surrounding area identified the lack of a church presence in the village and the limited community activities and decided to do something about it together. CUR:ve was formed with the aim of encouraging “the emergence and growth of Church in Upper Rissington: by means of working towards the well-being of the community and for this to happen according to the mission of God”. Initially a “Sunday Café” was established once a month, and this served as an opportunity to meet people within the village. In recent years CUR:ve has been able to employ a full-time worker, which has allowed various further activities to be established, laying some foundations to build upon for the future. CUR:ve has strong links with the community and is involved in many of the things that happen within the village. A lot of the community work that has been facilitated involves sport, largely at the weekends, which has been a great way to bring people together.