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Diocese of Norwich (Church of England)

Type: Support service

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The Diocese of Norwich is the Church of England across the areas of Norfolk and Waveney — a Christian presence serving every community through a family of 650 churches and 110 schools and academies; together Committed to Growth.

Throughout the Diocese are hundreds of stunning, historic church buildings – around 650 in all – which are actively used for worship.  We provide support to those caring for them and creating welcoming spaces, and preserving each one for future generations.

Just as importantly, we provide training and support for those who serve in our churches – from vicars to volunteers.  Our churches play a key role in major life events such as weddings and funerals. And today, we even use some of our church towers as to deliver faster wireless broadband to communities.

The Diocese of Norwich serves over a hundred Church Schools and Academies – almost a quarter of the primary schools in Norfolk and Waveney – and over 13,500 pupils.  We work alongside headteachers and governors, helping them make their school an inspirational place to learn, with a Christian ethos.

Our spiritual and pastoral care extends to all parts of the community.  We support and empower children, young people and familiesthrough a wealth of resources – from mobile playgroups to youth work cafés.  And we provide training and support for youth and family workers, and 1,800 volunteers who work alongside them.

Through around 65 chaplains, we reach into every part of the community – including hospitals, prisons and colleges – providing spiritual and pastoral care to anyone who asks for it.

Everything we do works together to strengthen the community and share the message of Christ.