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Dumfries Baptist Church

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Dumfries Baptist Church was formed in 1872 and today aims to build on that heritage, offering modern, vibrant and relevant ways to explore Christianity, to worship God, and to make a difference to the community we live in.

We run regular groups for Toddlers, 'Who Let The Dads Out?', primary and secondary age groups, Young Adults and Seniors. We also run occasional courses such as CAP Money Course, Marriage courses and Christianity Explored. We aim to be inclusive and to meet the needs of our community. Click to view our Vision Statement.

In 2006, to accommodate the growing needs of the congregation, Sunday morning services were moved from the church building at Newall Terrace to Dumfries High School and the search began for a site to build a new church. With the purchase of the Gillbrae Road site in 2012, detailed planning and fund-raising for the new Church Centre began. The vision for this ambitious new community building is to create:  

  • A home for Dumfries Baptist Church

  • A base from which to serve local people and the church family 

  • A beautiful venue for larger events involving the wider community

The site for our new church centre is in the area of Dumfries where Georgetown, Larchfield and Cresswell meet, with a population of about 8,000. Much of this area was built in the 80’s and there are very few community facilities and no church.  We moved into the Dumfries Baptist Church Centre in March 2018, providing a base for the church activities we offer, a welcoming Cafe and venue hire facilities that will enable the community, educational and commercial groups to use the centre independent of the church led groups and events.

We are thankful to God for his incredible grace and provision and for those who have stood with us in prayer and in giving. We raised almost £5,000,000 to build the centre through financial gifts and interest free loans and we have just over £950,000 of interest free loans to pay back over the next few years, once this is done we will be debt free!

The centre was built for four connected purposes: Church – Community – Commercial – Café. It is our intention to bring and share the love, life and hope we have found through faith in Jesus Christ into all these areas of the church’s life and service within the community of Dumfries.