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Far and Wide Therapy Services

Type: Support service
Online Member Care with a compassionate, experienced Clinical Psychologist

I am a UK-trained and registered Christian Clinical Psychologist. I've worked in mental health for 30 years, helping people in distress find hope and a way forward. 

Relevant Experience

I have over 25 years clinical experience of working with adults in the UK NHS. I've worked in most areas of mental health but have particular experience of eating disorders, stress and anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse, grief and loss, adjustment and transition. I also have experience of staff development, mentoring, training and supervision.

I have been involved in overseas missions and member care since 2004. This includes:

  • 2 x 2 years overseas service in Mozambique (2005-7 and 2017-19).
  • First-hand experience of the issues that can arise overseas including the disappointments, losses and adjustments of re-entry
  • Many years of part-time work for a missions agency, providing member care both in the UK and overseas
  • Experience of pre-field assessment, training, debriefing, counselling and therapy
  • Author of  "The Ruby: a re-entry survival story" 

For more information, please visit my website.

I look forward to hearing from you!