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Fisherman's Rest Community Projects Malawi

Type: Agency

Where they work

Eastern Africa

Malawi flag
Working with local community in Malawi to provide a practical solution to economic development

Fisherman’s Rest has been working in Malawi for the past 25 years. Based just outside the southern city of Blantyre, we have strong connections with local communities and carry out projects that aim to lift people out of poverty through increasing standards of education, working with churches and developing business in the area. 

The projects we support are run with a Christian ethos, they are all inclusive, no matter the faith, culture, colour or beliefs of individuals or communities.

Today Fisherman's Rest is a vibrant community of Malawian’s and International’s working together to improve local education and standards of living.  Working in schools, churches and communities on a practical as well as spiritual level.  Short term and long term volunteers are encouraged to get involved with Fisherman’s Rest and help make change happen.