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Gilead Foundations

Type: Support service
Gilead Foundations Charity provides support accommodation for people who require support and help to overcome some of their compulsive behaviours such as drug and alcohol addictions and related issues. Gilead offers support and guidance through the teaching of Christian principles and learning basic work ethics to enable people to live a stable and independent lifestyle in their future.

Gilead Foundations Charity was established in 1991 and since then has seen hundreds of people complete the programme with present success rates showing an average of at least 80% living a successful restored lifestyle, measured two years after they have completed the course.

Gilead is situation on a working farm in Devon and provides, not only supported accommodation, but also a family based christian environment for people who have struggled with compulsive behaviours to find a freedom.  Alongside the support and mentoring the programme, Gilead also provides an opportunity to learn new skills through the Work Ethics and Skills Training programme which utilises the farm (dairy and free-range chickens) as well as maintenance, gardening and catering work areas.

The vision of Gilead Foundations is:  "Unlocking people from the problems associated with compulsive behaviours and supporting them as they release their true potential.".

Gilead offers a flexible, 2-phase residential programme which is generally 12 months long, but can be adapted to suit individual needs as necessary.