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Christian Charity/Mission. "Telling the Story of Jesus in Every Language"

Global Recordings Network (GRN), is an autonomous charity mission working with organisations with similar objectives based in over thirty countries worldwide, linked together by membership of the Global Recordings Network (GRN). The common objective is to provide the means by which non-literate people can receive the teaching of the 
Christian Gospel through recordings in their own language and associated visual aids.
GRN is involved in:
o  Making  recordings available in minority languages,  giving  priority to those spoken by small people groups.
o  Raising the awareness of the Christian public to the needs of oral learners.
o  Informing  other  mission  agencies  and  those  in  training  for Christian work of the availability of our materials.
o  Distributing  the  materials  we  produce and  
those  which  are produced by associated organisations. 
o Making our materials available around the world through the internet and social media.
o  Providing  support,  through  materials,  financial  assistance and recordist training to associated GRN organisations in the developing world.