Gold Hill Baptist Church | Christian Vocations

Gold Hill Baptist Church

Type: Church
Seeking to be an authentic Christ-like community

At the heart of our mission we are not programme-driven. Instead, we must ensure that everything we say and do is shaped and formed by our core values as a church. These are:

Missional: In all that we are and do, we recognize that it is the task of the Church to partner with God to achieve His purposes. Therefore, in every area of our lives - individually and corporately - we will reach out to others with the love of God, seeking to be the hands, feet and voice of Jesus.

Biblical: In all that we are and do, we will seek to live under God’s authority, in keeping with the truths of Scripture as they have been interpreted and taught by the Church through the centuries.

Loving: In all that we are and do, we will seek to honour and love one another, respecting the image of God in all people and seeking to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and seeking to love our neighbours as we love ourselves.

Generous: In all that we are and do, we will seek to believe the best of one another and we will be generous with our time, resources, opinions and attitudes, making room for other people and seeking to release each other into all that God has for us. We will believe the best of others and seek to support and partner with others for God’s glory.

Spirit-led: In all that we are and do, we will allow the Spirit to lead us. We will seek to honour Him in our worship, mission, evangelism, preaching, teaching, preparation and service, knowing that He in turn points us to the Lord Jesus Christ. We want to see His fruit and His gifts in our lives and ever increasing Christ-likeness in our conduct and character.

Courageous: In all that we are and do, we will not be afraid to step out in faith, to take risks and to release others into what God has for them. We will be a community that dreams big dreams, steps out in faith and is not afraid to try something new.

Prayerful: In all that we are and do, we will be committed to developing lives and habits of prayer, recognising that without God, we can do nothing. We will regularly and consistently seek God in prayer and we will encourage the development of a strong dependence on God and listening to God in all of our lives and as a community.

Welcoming: In all that we are and do, we will welcome and embrace others. We will actively seek to support others throughout their time as part of our community and to ensure that others feel at home and part of the Gold Hill family. Every single person is important in our community.