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Health and Hope UK (HHUK) works with partners in Myanmar and India to promote relief and sustainable development

Since its establishment in 2011, Health and Hope UK (HHUK) has been working in close partnership with the Myanmar-based NGO, Health and Hope Myanmar (HHM), to bring hope to the poorest people in Western Myanmar, through primary healthcare, education, and food security projects.  HHUK’s focus has been to provide representation, increase awareness, raise funds and offer technical support to HHM across a wide range of sustainable development projects.  

As a result of recent developments, our activities in Myanmar are currently mostly on hold.  Nevertheless, we are about to embark upon an exciting new partnership in India, to deliver a variety of relief and short-term development projects to the growing number of refugees along the India / Myanmar border.  As with our work with HHM, this new partnership is built on a foundation of our shared Christian faith.

Whilst we hope to be able to return, sooner rather than later, to our longer-term development work in Myanmar, we are excited about the new opportunities in India.