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Holy Trinity Church

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HT is vibrant church in Cambridge welcoming people of all ages and inviting everyone to; Come to Christ, Love to Learn, Learn to Love

HT is vibrant church welcoming people of all ages and inviting everyone to: Come to Christ Love to Learn Learn to Love 

1. To welcome everyone and help people Come to Christ.

2. To help people love to learn about Jesus It is recorded that when people in the first century met Jesus in the flesh and saw the things he did and said they concluded: “God has come to help his people”. HT is a worshipping community of people and many of them have a personal story to tell of how they encountered Christ in their lives. Every story is different but our conclusion is the same as those early believers, God has indeed come to help his people and we can see that most clearly in what Jesus did then and is doing today. No one is born knowing God, he needs to be discovered/ revealed. Christians believe the Bible reveals God to us. At HT teaching from the Bible is at the heart of what we do.

3. To help people learn to love Jesus told his followers he wanted people who spent time with them to say to themselves “See how much they love one another”. Jesus’ followers were joy-filled, compassionate, generous, hopeful, caring, loving, wholesome and filled with dynamic spiritual power. The community of HT, inspired by the same Holy Spirit, expect to be just like that too.