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Defending the weak and the fatherless.

Hope Now exists to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. A balance of evangelism with social action ensures the message of the Gospel touches the hearts of young and old, rich and poor, healthy and infirm, free and imprisoned. Hope Now works at the moment mainly in Ukraine, with a little work amongst students in South Africa but also in 2014 we have been able to extend our work into Moldova, Sri Lanka and Burma.

In 2007 Hope Now divided its work in Ukraine into two different organisations. The caring ministries such as providing healthcare for children and adults in need, the work in Orphanages, internats and with street children and evangelism are retained under the Hope Now banner. Also under this banner is the work with the elderly, such as supporting a sheltered accommodation to help such people in need. This began in 2013.

The equipping ministries such as Kompas Park, The Cherkassy Centre for Biblical Studies, Church Planting, the Cycle Club, Student Ministries and Pre-independence Homes now come under the Kompas Park Education Trust.

The two ministries often work alongside each other, such as when chidren become students and need accommodation in the pre-independence homes, older people go to Kompas Park for the widows camps and when evangelism leads to Church Planting.