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Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust

Type: Support service
“HART is not just ‘another aid organisation’. We are distinctive in that we combine aid with advocacy, working for peoples suffering from oppression, exploitation and persecution who are generally not served by major aid organisations and are off the radar screen of international media” - Caroline (Baroness) Cox

HART's mission is to support people suffering from conflict and persecution in places with no international attention and outside help.

We work where many other don’t – speaking truth to power, facilitating humanitarian relief and fostering sustainable development.

We bring to light hidden suffering, help build local capacity to tackle adversity and connect local need with those who have the power and the means to bring long-lasting change.

We work with communities in active conflict zones (such as in Burma, Nigeria, South Sudan and Sudan); post-conflict areas still devastated by war (such as Nagorno-Karabakh, northern Uganda and Timor Leste); or areas where people are marginalised, oppressed and exploited for cultural, political and economic reasons (such as the Dalits and Temple Prostitutes in India).

HART relies on first-hand evidence of human rights violations, using this as a basis for a powerful twin-track programme of international advocacy in arenas such as the House of Lords and the media, and targeted aid-work focusing on sustainable community development, local partnership and regional networks of support.

HART believes that in order to truly meet the needs and requirements of the persecuted, oppressed and overlooked; the direction and management of aid must primarily involve the local people it wishes to help. By working through local partners, we ensure that the support we provide maintains their dignity, meets the priorities of the communities themselves, avoids upsetting the local economy and celebrates their achievements.