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Illyrian Gospel Trust

Type: Agency

Where they work

Southern and Eastern Europe

Albania flag
A church planting movement amongst the Albanian peoples established which will take the gospel of Jesus Christ not only to Albanians but beyond.

Our aim is to help stimulate a church planting movement among the Albanian peoples beginning in Albania itself and moving out to the rest of the nations. We aim to help the planting of churches which are:

  • Self led - we believe that leadership is vital to the health of churches so we are committed to helping the development of Albanian church leaders.
  • Self supporting - our aim is to see Albanian churches able to not only support themselves but also to contribute to the planting of others.
  • Self reproducing - we want not only to see churches led by Albanians but to see these churches planting yet more churches themselves.
  • Self theologising - we want to help Albanian churches to mature sufficiently to be able to express the truth in their words rather than simply accept Western expressions of theology.