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Impact Schools Team Trust

Type: Support service
Impact Schools Team was set in February 1998 with the following two objects: To communicate the Christian message and values, particularly amongst children and young people in the schools, colleges, other educational establishments and in other venues in mid Wales. To advance education in accordance with Christian principles in the said area and elsewhere.

Since that time it has had both paid & voluntary workers that have gone into the Secondary & Primary schools in mainly North Powys. They have shared the Christian message in many different ways. At the moment we have two part time workers (Darren Mayor & Huw Ellis).  Each term the primary schools are offered a 30 to 40 minute Christian assembly, which is themed, and presents the Christian message as well as moral and ethical guidelines on life based upon clear Christian teaching.   The teaching and activities are linked to the R.E. syllabus for the county. In the High schools he has been able to do assemblies, PSE & RE lessons. We are in the linking the work in the schools with local churches.  Huw runs a JAM club & Sweaty church to link children and young people to the local church.