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Innovista identifies, equips and develops leaders to change their communities with the hope of Jesus.

Innovista exists to grow life-changing leadership in hard-to-reach and unlikely places.

When Jesus chose his first followers, he didn’t pick the obvious contenders but instead opted for ordinary men and women. They were hardly the people you’d have expected to be the leaders of the early church, but nevertheless these men and women went on to achieve great things in His name.

Just as they changed their communities, so today we seek to identify, equip and develop those we think can change the communities they live in; however difficult that may be; however unlikely their leadership may seem.

Across Europe, Russia and Central Asia we are identifying, equipping and developing hundreds of leaders; ordinary people who have been called to make a difference in the communities within which they live.

Closer to home, our Thrive Teams work in 3 disadvantaged communities in Oxford; identifying, equipping and developing young people to change their own futures and that of their communities. Our Youth Ministry Training equips youth workers for mission in other disadvantaged communities.

In all of these places, we work alongside the local church to bring transformation through Jesus.

Over the past 18 years we’ve seen the difference that this makes, for leaders overseas and at home in the UK. Join us today to help us bring hope in hard to reach places.

We believe it can change the world.