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International China Concern

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Eastern Asia

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Bringing Love, Hope and Opportunity to China's Abandoned and Disabled Children

Although China is experiencing rapid economic growth there remains a deficit in social welfare for the disadvantaged, especially the disabled. Hundreds of thousands of babies and children with disabilities continue to be abandoned each year. Training for Chinese nationals working in social welfare is limited and many have little or no understanding of how to care for those with special needs, leading to high rates of mortality. In many state-run orphanages there could be up to four babies in one small crib and typically one caregiver left to take care of 17 children with varying degrees of disabilities. When things become too overwhelming for caregivers, apathy becomes a typical response. 

Who we are

Founded in 1993 by David Gotts, International China Concern exists to help the disadvantaged live life to the full.  We believe every child is precious and has the right to be loved, to have hope for the future and the opportunity to realise their dreams.

For almost 20 years International China Concern has partnered with the Chinese government to develop social welfare for China’s neediest children – the abandoned and disabled.  Our reputation and relationships in China place us in an excellent position to not only provide services and homes for life, but also empower and train Chinese nationals to see lives saved, families supported, communities transformed and attitudes changed.

Our China projects are predominantly managed by Chinese nationals with support from dedicated international volunteers, both in China and abroad.  Seven offices worldwide raise money and awareness, provide resources, and recruit sponsors and volunteers with a passion to serve in China.

Our Aims: 

  • Advocate for China’s abandoned and disabled
  • Empower children, staff and partners
  • Develop innovative projects and initiatives
  • Care for people and manage resources well
  • Provide life changing opportunities for service
  • Transform through small family environments