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International Teams

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Affiliations and accreditations

A global non-denominational partnership of 5 national sending organisations

International Teams (I.T.) is a global non-denominational partnership of 5 national sending organisations. With nearly 800 workers from 37 nations serving in 150 ministries in nearly 60 countries, opportunities to serve with International Teams are many and varied.

Whether you are looking to serve long term or gain short-term experience we would love to help you discern the right mission experience for you. Short term opportunities include joining a team from the UK (2-4 weeks), taking an individual placement in your chosen location/ministry (2 weeks to 18 months) or joining one of our GAP adventure/internship programs. Alternatively, your church, youth group or CU could plan a short-term, we would be happy to work with you to plan dates, ministries and locations.

Everyone is different, International Teams walks alongside individuals as they discern God’s calling on their lives – we are committed to helping you find the right place to serve.