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Kay Street Baptist Church

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A lively, welcoming Church in Lancashire!

We are a welcoming family church with a mix of people at various stages of their lives. There is always a lot happening and we encourage every person in the fellowship to be involved in some way. We desire for everyone to have a sense of belonging and to feel valued. Amidst our busyness we seek our Father God and ask him to show us the paths he would have us take with regards to all aspects of our life together including our continuing desire to reach out to the community around us.

Our church is situated in the centre of Rawtenstall, which is the largest of the four towns comprising the Borough of Rossendale, Lancashire.

The intention was, and still is, to reach out to the community using our town centre premises.

The church has an increasing number of young families – parents in their thirties to forties with young children and it was thought that the church should continue to build on this basis to attract other families to the church and to Christ. Additionally, meeting the needs of families within the church and of those who will join the fellowship is a natural extension of this aim.