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LifeChurch Brackley is a church of ordinary people committed to working out what it really means to follow Jesus Christ everyday. We believe the life changing message of the Bible is the most important message we can hear, that it’s as relevant today as it has ever been and that it reveals to us the source of hope and purpose. We believe the Bible is God’s mandate for life and we seek to teach it in a way which is both faithful and accessible. Our style is informal, friendly and relaxed and we aim to make all feel welcome. LifeChurch Brackley is an independent church with longterm relationships with other churches and leaders from a breadth of church traditions. This helps provide perspective and accountability.


Over the years, as Brackley has expanded, many Christians have moved to the town. One question consistent with many was “Why are we here and why now?”.

In 2005, a small number of people began to meet to pray for the town and out of that grew a passion to see a new church established. Increasingly over the next few years God began to instill that same vision in a growing number of people from different backgrounds and walks of life, many of whom met at Banbury Community Church.  

In July 2008 a small group began to explore if there was substance in what we felt. Over a few months of prayer and discussion the answer became obvious and in October 2008 the decision was taken to launch a new fellowship called 'The Source'. The first service was held in Brackley Town Hall on 15th February 2009.

12 months later we had outgrown the Town Hall and moved to Southfield Primary School. The church has continued to evolve as we work out what it means to be church and fulfil the vision God has given us. We now meet at Brackley Baptist Church and have also changed our name from 'The Source' to 'LifeChurch, Brackley.' At our heart lies a passion to see people come to faith and become all that God has intended them to be.