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Lighthouse Central

Type: Support service
Lighthouse Central provides all the services, materials, information and network to enable towns and communities to establish and run a Lighthouse, which is a children's week long Christian holiday event.

Lighthouse is already attended by 5000 children with 3000 leaders and helpers in ten locations where churches have come together to run this unique week-long kids event. Lighthouse is unashamedly Christian but year after year Lighthouses find themselves oversubscribed! Lighthouse changes the lives of all the individuals involved from the children through to the leaders and has an enormous impact on local churches and the community.
Lighthouse Central is a new charity that has been formed by passionate Lighthouse people to share the 30 years of successful experience from the current Lighthouses with communities and churches around the country to encourage and enable new Lighthouses to be started. The current Lighthouses are mostly in South Bucks.