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Likewise Christian Ministries

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Likewise Christian Ministries is a church organisation located at the Rush Green Community in the London borough of Havering

Likewise Christian Ministries has been established upon the foundation of the scripture found in Luke 10:25 - 37.One of the profound teaching Jesus taught us about the Kingdom of God.

likewise believe we exist to become a helping hand to the vulnerable and the rejected in the community.

our strap line is an an indication of our passion,vision and mission.

we are there to raise the wounded and the hurting to total liberty in the name of Jesus Christ.

in furtherance of our vision,we have purchased a church building in the heart of Rush Green Community which we have named the House of Compassion.

You need to come and experience it yourself.

has God called you to live your life to support the vulnerable and the rejected in society,come and speak to us.