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Longmead Community Farm

Type: Support service
Longmead Community Farm helps families in crisis, it’s a safe, supportive rural environment for learning new skills, re-kindling relationships and building the self-confidence needed to cope with the challenges of modern urban life.

Longmead Community Farm is a small holding of 6 acres in the beautiful Dorset countryside. It is home to a small community of volunteers who look after the property and its visitors.  

We have become valued as an excellent resource for social service, other charitable organisations and local authorities, who refer clients to us.  


Programme to families is delivered by a variety of professional and volunteer helpers. We offer activities, support and respite care over the short and long term, to hard-to-reach families facing problems of family breakdown, poor health and depression, anti-social behaviour, unemployment, domestic violence, and substance abuse.  


Longmead provides a safe, supportive rural environment in which families can learn new skills, re-kindle relationships and build the self-confidence needed to cope with the challenges of modern urban life. 


What we do could be described as family respite therapy. The work was borne from the identified need to support families as a group that are struggling and often breaking apart.